General Questions

What is remote video?

A simple video player designed to be controlled by a mobile phone, essentially turning the mobile phone into an advanced remote control.

What operating systems are supported?

Microsoft Windows

What phones are supported?

Windows Mobile 6.0 devices.

Will support be extended to platform/phone X?

Depends on the pain required in porting it. I do intend to extend support eventually if demand is high enough. Drop a line on the forums about what system you wish this ran on and if enough people want it I'll look into the how.

What price/licensing is this released under?

This project and it's sourcecode are released under the GNU GPL license for free.

Technical Questions

What video codecs do you support?

By leveraging the existing VLC media player's playback libraries we gain all of it's codec support. The best place to look for codec support is VideoLAN's feature listing page.

Is there any virus/spyware in your apps?

While I cannot guarantee and give no warranties that nothing bad can happen, either from my code or from the referenced libraries I use, I give you the following assurances to ease your mind:

  1. I'm strongly opposed to virus's and spyware and will never intentionally add any to RemoteVideo.
  2. The sourecode is publically availale and none of the RemoteVideo DLL's are obfuscated in any way so feel free to check for youself.
  3. All referenced libraries are from reputable sources, and any new release incorporated into RemoteVideo will recieve testing before being put in a stable release to make sure it works and is up to my standards.
  4. I intend to use this app myself and I have friends who want to use it, and I can assure you anything I turn into a release I'll have used myself.
  5. All binary releases will be virus scanned before uploading to minimize the risk of accidental infection.
  6. I'm hosting this app through SourceForge, and if I published anything malicious odds are the hosting would be pulled quick-smart.